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EHRs: A Love/Hate Relationship

Note: This post originally appeared in Pennsylvania Physician magazine and is reprinted with permission. Read the entire summer 2015 edition. The thought of a method for logging medical records in a way that makes sense and is easy to do drove me to seek an electronic health record (EHR) system when I started my solo…
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5 Important Health Conversations That Started From Ebola Epidemic

Please understand that I am not happy about the existence of Ebola, but it has brought more awareness and debate to several important health care issues in the U.S. Here are my top five: Ebola has brought attention to workflow and EHR. The initial reports that critical information did not flow from the registration/triage desk…
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Stressed Out By One MU Audit? Try Three

“You have been selected by CMS for a HITECH EMR Meaningful Use (MU) Prepayment Audit for payment year…” We, as physicians, can respect that random or even selected audits are appropriate to check that Eligible Providers (EPs) are following the rules to receive the extra money offered by CMS for implementing Meaningful Use of EHRs.…
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