If you have any sort of physician problem, ranging from conflicts, relations or an unidentified challenge, Dr. Geraci can help.

Dr. Geraci has over 30 years of clinical, process and quality improvement experience.  What makes his services and outcomes exceptional is his small, one-on-one focus. Dr. Geraci is not a consulting firm, he is a skilled physician with the experience and passion to help other physicians and companies. If extra help is required for a client, he has additional resources that can be brought in, but most engagements can be resolved with his help alone.

The advantage of working with a single person is that there is one point of contact. There is one person who listens and understands both your view and that of the physicians with whom you work. Dr. Geraci is someone who will not be swayed towards either side of a disagreement, but whose style and personality can mitigate any adverse relationship, guide and mentor to improvement, and help you resolve your problems.

Whether you want to improve engagement, recruiting, retention, or build better leading teams or individuals, Dr. Geraci has the experience, skills and solutions you need, guaranteed.

Contact me to describe your issues, and see how I can help improve your team.