Physician Engagement

Physician Engagement

What is the best way to partner with physicians?

Are you having trouble understanding why certain physicians or physician groups don’t seem to want to work with you? Are things to the point of overt hostility, or perhaps worse, passive aggressive behavior?

If so, you have a problem with physician engagement. It may have started years ago (as physicians have very long memories), or it may stem from an inadvertent mistake you or your team made recently.

Dr. Geraci has been working with physicians as a colleague, friend, supervisor and team member to build a physician engagement methodology. He brings over 30 years of experience working with physicians and his extensive knowledge and personal experience with understanding how physicians tick, and what helps them to engage with you. By carefully analyzing not only what physicians feel, but how well your organization engages them in day to day processes, procedures and policies, Dr. Geraci can develop working solutions, and help you implement the changes, on both sides, to win the hearts and minds of the physicians you work with and ensure they do not become disengaged again.

Engaged physicians are happier, stay in their jobs, work harder to achieve your mutual goals and create a better functioning organization.

Contact me today to describe your issues and see how I can help you better engage your physicians.