Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Getting nowhere with an issue that needs to be resolved?

Have a critical physician who is about to lawyer up and has threatened lawsuits? Or is there a physician issue which has been simmering and you need to resolve it? Often, an outside third party physician, indifferent and apolitical, who understands your point of view and physicians’, can bring a new view to a conflict.

Dr. Geraci has worked in the insurance industry, in large healthcare systems and has also been a solo practicing physician. Those separate views of the medical world allow him to bring and understanding and knowledge of the differing needs of each party to help resolve conflict between those who each have their own idea of what they need, but sometimes can’t get past a particular issue that is harming what could be an amiable relationship.

Before engaging attorneys in expensive litigation, or taking drastic action that may harm more than it helps, Dr. Geraci can listen to all sides of an issue, and create a path to harmony, or at least mutual understanding before court is the option chosen.

Contact me to describe your issues, and see how I can help resolve physician conflict before it escalates.