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Should the Public Hold Physicians to a Higher Standard?

Dr. Oz has defended his right to present what he has to say to the general public. Broadcast in 118 countries and to more than 3 million viewers, he defends his right to tell the audience about the products featured on his show. His response to criticism is that he does not sell or endorse…
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5 Important Health Conversations That Started From Ebola Epidemic

Please understand that I am not happy about the existence of Ebola, but it has brought more awareness and debate to several important health care issues in the U.S. Here are my top five: Ebola has brought attention to workflow and EHR. The initial reports that critical information did not flow from the registration/triage desk…
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Ebola, Ignorance, Stupidity

The cases of Ebola in the U.S. have brought a sharp focus onto a recurrent and enduring problem in our country – one that has plagued all industries, but now brings a sharp focus onto health care. The problem is error reduction. The initial blame placed on the second Ebola infected nurse, who flew a…
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