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Three Things Hospitals Often Do Wrong in Employing Physicians

In the continuing series on my conversations with c-suite leaders in hospitals, this blog will address errors I see some hospitals commit when employing physicians in clinical offices. I keep hearing that physicians are “difficult.” Engaging physicians in leadership is a frequent concern. Engaging physicians in general is also a frequent concern. Medical practice is…
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The Challenge of Recruiting Millennial Physicians

In the second blog about my discussions with c-suite leaders in hospitals and large groups, one theme I pretty consistently hear is frustration with millennials. They (and all generalizations here do not imply majority nor totality) want minimal to no call, generous guaranteed salaries, nominal work hours, ideal working conditions, and won’t take a position…
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Note to Physicians: Pennsylvania Hospitals Need You!

I’m reminded of the classic recruitment poster that we all know, involving Uncle Sam pointing and saying, “I want you for U.S. Army.” I’ve been meeting with hospital c-suite types – CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CNOs, etc. There are a bunch of themes that I keep hearing again and again. This blog post will be about…
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How Physicians and Attorneys are Different

I read an article once that said pre-med and pre-law students are not much different, but they are very different when they get out of their training. Some recent experiences have highlighted that fact, and how physicians get into trouble because of those differences. Pre-med and pre-law students share a commonality of being driven, competitive,…
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