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Six Things Not To Do When Leading Physicians

“Clinical leaders of tomorrow must possess a strong background of medical and managerial expertise to develop and to shape policies in ways that ensure the highest level of patient care in years to come. If this does not occur, ultimately, physicians will become technical consultants in a dysfunctional health-care community that they have inadvertently helped…
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The Unintended Consequences of Today’s Health Delivery Model

Efforts in the name of efficiency and cost reduction have unintended consequences. When I was in practice, I admitted, or at least followed, all my patients in the hospital. There were no issues of aftercare, because I discharged them with appointments to see me within a day or two (rarely more). I knew what medications…
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Why the fuss over observation status? A typical conundrum

This post was originally published on 8/14/2013 This is an example of why observation status has caused such headaches for physicians and patients. You’re a hospitalist at Joe Smith County Health System. At 5 p.m. Monday, you hear this from an ER doc: “Hi, this is Gus in the ER. I’ve got a patient for…
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