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Why this Generation of Physicians Will Not Be the Same as the Others

During my training days, one of my finest memories of roundsmanship was watching two esteemed senior physicians in the same specialty duke it out for the better treatment regimen of a patient. After spending hours in the library tediously searching the indexes of every major American journal and textbook for references to the disease in…
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How Do You Judge a ‘Good’ Hospital?

“Dad, what hospitals are good?” Working for the Pennsylvania Medical Society, traveling to many hospitals, and speaking to physicians across the state, I was flummoxed when my son, a surgeon to be, asked me that question. There are so many ways to measure good. My readers know that one of my favorite phrases is “the…
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‘You Make So Much Money’ … Or Do You?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released Medicare physician payment data. As the pundits, the press, and analysts pore through the data, it reminds me of the need for context and, yes, the devilish details. I once had an attorney tell me I obviously made too much money. Of course, this was…
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