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EMRs: Stop Complaining and Start Asking Why Not

Quick, name the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) criteria for strep pharyngitis. That next patient you see, tell me when their last labs were done, what health maintenance they are due for or have already done, what their medication list is, what their chronic problems are, allergies, and when you last saw them and for…
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Why Technology Makes Me a Smarter Physician

I have always had ectopic brains. Those are the external resources we use to reference stuff that physicians need to know. As a resident, it was pockets full of manuals – the Washington Manual, Handbook of Pediatrics, etc. Frankly, I always had trouble remembering a lot of the micro-minutiae that come with practicing medicine. My…
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The Unintended Consequences of Today’s Health Delivery Model

Efforts in the name of efficiency and cost reduction have unintended consequences. When I was in practice, I admitted, or at least followed, all my patients in the hospital. There were no issues of aftercare, because I discharged them with appointments to see me within a day or two (rarely more). I knew what medications…
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